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Chrysler surveying new factories to assemble Fiats

Chrysler is on a hunt for new sites in North America which can serve as factories to build Fiat-based vehicles. The car maker is said to be eager to deliver the first batch of cars as soon as this year. The plan was unveiled by the VP for manufacturing of Chrysler, Scott Gaberding, who also [...]

CEO projects profits for Chrysler by 2011

Fiat has been acting fast and playing it hard to help Chrysler boost its number and return to profitability. Amid the uncertain recovery of the U.S. and the seesaw exchange rates, the new Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is very optimistic that the company will be reversing its fortunes and be tallying profits as early as [...]

Chrysler aims to be better than Cadillac, better than Lincoln

Changes are set to come as Fiat takes the driver seat at Chrysler. Fiat and Alfa Romeo have new models in the pipeline and the decision makers are now talking about brand strategy. Chrysler is set to go strong in the next few years eyeing to over take Cadillac and Lincoln in the market race. [...]

Chrysler Assets Sold to Fiat; Announces Roll Out of 500 minicar

A United States bankruptcy judge approved on 31 July the acquisition of the assets of the Chrysler Group. The distribution goes to a health care trust associated with the United Auto Workers which takes 68%, Fiat has 20%, Canadian government gobbling 12%. The judge who ruled on the case cited no alternative to the bankruptcy [...]

Chrysler LLC under Investigation after Getrag Deal Call Off

After the collapse of the Getrag – Chrysler LLC deal, the state of Indiana puts the car manufacturer under the microscope for possible securities fraud. According to an insider, the investigation has started but there are no allegations or complaints made. If the joint venture between the two companies pushed through, a $530-milliion transmission assembly [...]

Heavy-Duty 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Models Roll Out from Chrysler Assembly Line

The 2010 heavy-duty Chrysler Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 models were unveiled during the Chicago Auto Show. The adjusted suspension greatly improves the driving quality of these overhauled models. These Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 models carry the engine of the previous model. The initial power comes from a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine that has [...]

Chrysler declares in need of another $2 billion to aid production

Chrysler recently submitted their viability plan to the government to request for a supplementary$2 billion to exceed the $7 billion loan fund and also included in the report are the actions that they will do to cut costs. The car manufacturer also declared that they will decrease fixed costs by adding $700 million, cutting 100,000 [...]

General Motors to trim down 14% of its global workforce this year

General Motors will trim down its workforce by fourteen percent around the globe by the end of this year and will also slash down the salaries of those who will remain in the car company. From the current number of 73,000 salaried workforces, they will have a dreadful decline to a difference of 63,000 that [...]