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The Drift Champion Has A New Challenger

Samuel Hubinette, whose drift skills earned him a drift title in 2004 and 2006, is set to test the limits of the new Chrysler’s Dodge Challenger in the next race season. The parts division of Chrysler introduced the Drift Dodge Challenger at SEMA with no less than two-time Formula drift champion Samuel Hubinette himself. Complementing the celebration is an open bar.

There are a lot of expectations from the Drift Dodge Challenger. The car is expected to perform with ultimate accuracy and speed. For example, the Challenger is expected to have around 850 hp and 849 lb-ft of torque, which comes from an all-aluminum engine. The Challenger is expected to weigh lighter than the Viper, with an estimated weight of 2,900 pounds.

The reason that the drift champion Hubinette is tied up with the launch of the Challenger is something not cataclysmic but more of historic. The concept of the Challenger was based on a carbon fiber shell which was utilized in one of the original Challenger ideas that was seen in the auto shows in 2006. After the shows, Chrysler realized there was little need of the material. There, they (Chrysler) decided to give one of their three pieces to the owner of Hubinette’s team, Shaun Carlson of the HuFormz Racing Team based in California, says Chrysler Vice President Ralph Gilles.

The Hubinette-Challenger tandem is more of a reunion, since the drift champion has had experience in driving the Dodge Charger sedan in the year 2007. Both the Charger and the Challenger are both made from the same LX platform. In a similar perspective, driving the Challenger would be something familiar for him.

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  1. Alternative Car Fuels Says:

    That must be ONE BIG GAS GUZZLER.

  2. Sean Says:

    Hehe I’m sure it is :D

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