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Chrysler Ram 1500 PHEVs join assessment program in selected US states

Finally, American automaker Chrysler Group LLC is stepping into the electric hybrid segment. Chrysler will be participating in an evaluation program in selected US cities and states who will test about 140 units of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). About fourteen units of Chrysler Ram 1500 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will arrive in the San [...]

Chrysler hugging lower designs for future vehicles

According to Ralph Gilles, senior VP for design of Chrysler Group, the carmaker was riding a bit high the past few years. After looking their vehicles side by side with the competitors, the other car manufacturers are producing cars rolling closer to the ground. And it seems, Chrysler will be producing lower vehicles in the [...]

Chrysler being axed in mainland Europe by 2011

The brand name Chrysler will be disappearing in mainland Europe come 2011 with the models being re-badged as Lancias. Chryslers will still be Chrysler though in Ireland and Great Britain where the Lancia models are not marketed. The CEO of Chrysler and Lancia in Europe disclosed that the company is planning to have a Lancia-Chrysler [...]